My Epic 2018, Part 3: NY Activation and Trip, Short Film, and LA Premiere!

There were three activations I worked on in 2018, all for my beloved David Wally, the lovely and incredibly gifted Fri Forjindam Bailey, and all my friends at MyCoToo, and Trey and the gang at Giant Spoon, and when you work with these folks you could end up anywhere. SxSWestWorld, the first for me, was in Texas, Fallout 76, the second for me, was in LA, and the third for me was in Manhattan, in Union Square. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you a lot more, because of the NDA, but I can tell you I had to audition for this one, it was for Amex SPG and Marriott Rewards, and it was called Luxury House.

If you were there, you might remember me as Laura Carter Walters, and I got to wear a real vintage Chanel suit. Some people on the sidewalk who saw me during dress rehearsal pointed and said knowingly, “Chanel.”

It was a great experience, and a bonus for this native New Yorker was I got to spend a few days with my cousins who still live there and see a few shows before flying home to Texas, which is where I’m based now.

To make the year even more special, between going to LA and New York I got to work with horror story writer Nate Southard on a short film he was making called The Message. I got to work with Peggy Schott and Jonathan Flanders, two of my favorite local actors, and it was great to get back on a film set and bring the character he based on his late grandma to life.

And to top the year off with a cherry, I got to attend the LA premiere of a film I did a few years ago, and walk the red carpet at the famous TLC Chinese Theatre, which was formerly known as Grauman’s and Mann’s, where the handprints of stars decorate the sidewalks. An American in Texas was well received, and I felt so lucky to be there with writer and director Anthony Pedone and castmates like Tony Cavalero, James Paxton, Sam Dillon, and J.R. Villareal, who are based in LA. The only reason I got to attend was that I was rehearsing for the Fallout 76 show that day, and David Wally graciously said, “You MUST leave rehearsal early to attend your premiere!” so I did! In my rehearsal clothes!