Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, I began my career as Judy Lynn Kamen in the first grade play, where I appeared in the role of Baby Bear. My obvious bent towards dramatic exits at bedtime led my parents to nickname me “Sarah” (after the stage and screen actress Sarah Bernhardt), and my love for singing, dancing, and the spoken word led me to perform every chance I got. I studied music, dance, and voice throughout childhood and young adulthood, attended Hofstra University as a Theatre Arts Performance major, and…though I dropped out in the middle of my senior year to find myself (and the person who turned out to be my husband and life partner) in San Francisco…I finally got a degree from Colorado State University, where I studied Speech and Theatre Arts Education later, and in 1985 obtained an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Over the years, my professional career has provided me with a variety of opportunities. I’ve been a singer-songwriter, worked live in regional theatre, danced, modeled for print, done voice over work, done brand activations, theatre, interactive theatre, and acted in films, commercials, industrials, music videos, and new media. I was also blessed with a day job that allowed me to teach speech and drama to middle school students, teach special needs students from pre-K through 9th grade English and reading, and to work as an elementary school counselor.

My family moved to south central Texas in 1982, and I’ve been learning to appreciate pecans, the Texas Hill Country, and the rich multicultural heritage found here ever since. These days…when not acting… I can often be found hanging out with my precious grandson (who is currently in elementary school), working out, doing yoga, substitute teaching, and …during Christmas season…working as Mrs. Claus at Morgan’s Wonderland.