A fully COVID vaccinated (Pfizer) actor and voice artist based in Texas, I was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, and began my career as Judy Lynn Kamen in the first grade play, where I appeared in the role of Baby Bear. My obvious bent towards dramatic exits at bedtime led my parents to nickname me “Sarah” (Bernhardt), and my love for singing, dancing, and the spoken word led me to perform every chance I got. I studied music, dance, and voice throughout childhood and young adulthood and added guitar playing and songwriting to my skills in my teens.

After graduating from Levittown Memorial High School, I attended Hofstra University as a Theatre Arts Performance major for three years, interrupted my studies to marry a McMillan, transferred to Colorado State University, and graduated with a BA in Speech and Theatre Arts with concentrations in both performance and teaching.

Over the years, my professional career has provided me with a variety of opportunities. I’ve been a theatre arts teacher, singer-songwriter, dancer, print model, and actress in live theatre, interactive theatre, films, commercials, industrials, music videos, new media, and voice over.

My family moved to south central Texas in 1982, and I’ve been learning to appreciate pecans, the Texas Hill Country, and the rich multicultural heritage found here ever since. These days…when not working … I can often be found hanging out with my precious grandson, working out, doing yoga, meditating, traveling to see relatives who are scattered throughout the country, or encouraging people to vote in an upcoming election .