Actress and Voice Over Artist

Fully vaccinated (Pfizer) and Represented by Austin’s ACCLAIM TALENT

Sweet with a twist, I’m a strong, self-reliant woman of a certain age who plays that spunky, sassy, singular, and sometimes scary friend or family member with a secret. Though I was raised on the east coast of the USA, they call me Dame Judy here in south central Texas, where I’m currently based, and I do both on camera and voice only work, so even if you haven’t seen me in a film, a theatre, on television, in a print ad, or engaging with the public as an edutainer you may have heard my voice in a film, audiobook, audio play, or advertisement.

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AUGUST 2022: Looking forward at the end of the month to a film premiere for one film that’s been in post and my day on set for a small but important role I’ve booked in a feature to be shot in Texas. Stay tuned!

JULY 2022: Completed recording my part in that audio play I booked in June. It’s for a startup company called Dana Audio Plays, out of California. The role was a strong supporting part and short of a need for any re-recording based on post production needs, it’s in the hands of the editor. More information coming up the road!

JUNE 2022: Mr. Creep is shot and coming out of post. There will be a premiere in August and we’ll be at MonsterCon in San Antonio September 24th and 25th signing autographs! In other news, I booked a nice supporting role in an audio play I’m working on in my remote studio. More news later on where the finished production will be available.

MAY 2022: Jordan Fisher was hired to play a key role in Chasing Oslo and my understanding is his scenes were shot this month. The film is still in post according to IMDB. Looking forward to an update on that.

APRIL 2022: Was on set for my principal role in a SAG feature. Can’t say more till the production company issues a formal press release, so stay tuned! Also spent a day performing a principal role on the set of Mr. Creep! Can’t wait to get you some photos of the transformation I went through compliments of MUA Shanae Coffman. Check back in a month or two regarding a premiere.

MARCH 2022: I hope everyone’s new year is going well! Mine has started a little slow, but the latest news is I booked a feature shooting in early April for Isaac Rodriguez and Cynthia Bergen (No Sleep Film) called Mr. Creep! Stay tuned for updates! I’m also being considered for a lead role in a video game, and will keep you updated on that as well! In addition to those, I’m in four films that are in post production in various stages of being finished, so please come back for updates, and I promise to keep you updated!

DECEMBER 2021: My role in House of Lies (Filmstreet Productions) shooting in Guthrie, Oklahoma this month, is wrapped! Produced by Filmstreet Productions, directed by Matthew Toronto, and starring Rib Hilles, Colt Prattes, and Katerina Eichenberger, HOL is an exciting thriller, and I’m looking forward to sharing where you can see it soon! I’m told it may show up on Lifetime, Hallmark, and/or selected US theaters, so stay tuned!

NOVEMBER 2021: Good month so far! Booked a feature filming in Oklahoma in December. More on that soon. The Paul Cauthen video, titled Country AF, in which I have a very nice principal role, has dropped and it’s a hoot! Click to watch it. Finally Rainbow Door went to the American Film Market (AFM)! Here’s a link to the trailer (which I’m not in). Please keep fingers crossed for good things up the road!

OCTOBER 2021: Booked and shot another commercial, this one a joint collaboration between Postmates and Callen Liquid Death Mountain Water, and the trailer for Friday Night Delight (I make a brief appearance) is finished!

SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE: Having a run of some great bookings this month! Just completed voice over work, reading the voices of some assorted characters in Ayn Rand’s “We the Living,” for Martin Garrison of www.Bymouth.org. I had a supporting role in a music video for East TX artist Paul Cauthen that shot September 2. I will provide a link when it’s out of post! Finally I was on a a commercial shoot for Houston’s KelseyCareAdvantage, in September, and it’s being aired on TV in the Houston area now! You can find two spots I’m featured in in both my Twitter and Facebook feeds, below.

JULY 2021 ANNOUNCEMENT: I had the pleasure of having a role in a film called Rainbow Door, which was shot in 2020. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that it screened in Cannes at The Riveria theatre on July 9, 2021! It was not an official Cannes entry but available for Cannes attendees for possible distribution deals.

Congratulations to everyone involved, especially writer/director TrentMoran!

This is the second film I’ve done that’s made it to Cannes. Some years ago a short I was in (Dave, by Lauren Pruitt) screened in the Short Film Corner there.

SUMMER 2021: In June I had a supporting role in Casa Resorts, a feature film, directed by GeorgeAnn Landreth. July brought me print work in a project for Accelerated Care Plus, where I’ll be featured on brochures in physical therapy offices. A supporting role in FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT, a feature film directed by Devon Welch rounded off the summer with an August shoot. Both films are currently in post production.

Other 2021 projects include : A strong supporting role in Chasing Oslo, a feature film now in post; narrator in The Fastest Little Race Car, an animated short film now in post; two gigs as narrator for two new radio plays; a print shoot for CVS; a commercial shoot for Giddy; a lead role in Caretakers, a short film in post production; a supporting role in Rainbow Door, a feature film that has just received a contract for distribution; a VO for Mom in Thanatos, a short film that can be seen online; and a VO for The Old Russian Lady in This is Azealia, an animated feature film in post production.