Actress and Voice Over Artist

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted and Represented by Austin’s ACCLAIM TALENT

Sweet with a twist, I’m a strong, self-reliant woman of a certain age who plays that spunky, sassy, singular, and sometimes scary friend or family member with a secret. Though I was raised on the east coast of the USA, they call me Dame Judy here in south central Texas, where I’m currently based. I do both on camera and voice only work, so even if you haven’t seen me in a film, a theatre, on television, in a print ad, or engaging with the public as an edutainer or actor in activations you may have heard my voice in a film, audiobook, audio play, or advertisement.

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Right out of the post production gate, The British are Coming has not only been accepted by both The Queens Black Film Festival and the Las Vegas Black Film Festival, but it’s been nominated for Best Comedy and Best Ensemble Cast at the latter! I encourage anyone in those locations to get out and see our film, and thank you in advance for your support!

Way to go, Team TBAC! More to come soon!

Clock, a feature film in which I play a principal role, written and directed by Alexis Jacknow and starrring Diana Agron (pictured above), Melora Hardin, and Jay Ali, is going to have its world premiere at the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans sometime between March 30th and April 2nd! This premiere will be followed by an exclusive run on Hulu and later in the year on Disney and internationally. So we’ll all be able to see it very soon!

When a simple poem brings the world to the brink of war, Catullus, the Poet of Dana, reflects on a comment he overheard during his childhood, a rather casual remark that made reference to “The Goat Walk.” Catullus interrogates this remark with animalistic ferocity, as he attempts to navigate an unhealthy affair and disprove the laws of physics with his magical words.

I’m delighted to announce that The Goat Walk, produced by the Lantern Theatre of Dana Point, California, in which I play Irene, is now available both on the website and via Apple Podcasts!

PS: If you have any trouble figuring out who Irene is, listen for the character with the German accent.

Totally excited to announce that a truly wonderful film, which I had a small but key role in, is now available to rent on Amazon! Rainbow Door, written and directed by Trent Moran, tells a colorful complex story that will entertain, make you think, and delight you. I hope anyone who reads this will give it a look.

Delighted to announce that Mr. Creep is now available to be rented on all major platforms including Apple TV and Amazon, and Jingle Bell Ranch, in which I had a strong supporting role, is wrapped and now referenced as being in Post Production on IMDB. The plan is to have the latter ready for film festivals in the spring or summer of 2023 and out on major platforms by Christmas of 2023! Both are produced by Silent Raven Films.

Also excited to announce that my own personal project, Judy McMillan Reads, is now a playlist on my YouTube, with 3 videos online. There’s an introduction to the playlist, an introduction to my fictional character Mrs. Clausstein, and my first reading by Mrs. Clausstein in honor of Chrismakkuh 2022! Check it out, share it with the child or children in your home, life, or classroom, subscribe, and be ready for three more videos readings that will be dropping in the next week or so!

Booked a strong supporting role in a feature film called Jingle Bell Ranch for Silent Raven Films.

Finally, while I’m pleased to say Mr. Creep is winning all kinds of things on the festival circuit, I’m particularly proud that we won Best Ensemble Cast Feature–The Cast at the World Premiere Film Awards in LA! If you’re a horror movie fan please mark December 5th on your calendar, as that’s the date Mr. Creep will be available to the general public on all major platforms. Click here to check out the Mr. Creep Trailer.

Excited to announce that the audiobook version of We the Living, by Ayn Rand, is finally available for your listening pleasure! This project, in which I play the voices of multiple landladies, has over 100 speaking parts, 1000 sound effects, a dozen musical themes with 75 variations, and was produced and directed by Martin Garrison for ByMouth.org. Enjoy listening free of charge on Sound Cloud or the website.

Also pleased to report that the poster, trailer, and feature film Mr. Creep, produced by No Sleep Films, in which I play an author named Mary, are now making the film festival circuit and have begun winning awards. While not technically out of post and available to be seen by the public, I’m delighted to know festival audiences are loving it and giving director Isaac Rodriguez and producer Cynthia Bergen high marks for their efforts. Stay tuned for updates!

Busy month! Was on set for Rats!The Motion Picture (feature that just wrapped), on set for The British are Coming (a short film starring Michael Vincent Berry, Timeca Seretti, Amy Masterson, and moi and directed by Joe Barajas), attended San Antonio’s Monster Con representing Mr. Creep with No Sleep Films (will be released in December to many online platforms), and booked a top-secret voice over gig for a gaming company!

Mr. Creep premiere went well, the poster is done, and the film will be out on all platforms very soon! See Gallery for photos. Followed this milestone up with two shoots this past weekend; one for the action packed feature film Rats, in which I play nosy neighbor Carol and the other for a short film, The British Are Coming, in which I play overbearing and overprotective secretary Jules (see Gallery for set photos and TBAC poster)! Lots more to come about all these films in the coming days and months, so stay tuned!

Audio play, The Goat Walk, for Lantern Theatre, City of Dana, wrapped.

Mr. Creep shot and wrapped!

Jordan Fisher (Turning Red, The Flash, High School Musical) added to cast of Chasing Oslo. The film is in post. Was on set this month for my principal role in a film with a major star I can’t talk about (NDA) that will be out on a major streaming platform in 2023. Finally, booked role of The Author in Mr. Creep.

House of Lies (Directed by Matthew Toronto, and starring Rib Hilles, Colt Prattes, and Katerina Eichenberger for Filmstreet Productions wrapped! I’m told it may show up on Lifetime, Hallmark, and/or selected US theaters, so stay tuned!

The Paul Cauthen video, Country AF, in which I have a very nice principal role, has dropped and it’s a hoot! Click to watch it. Rainbow Door went to the American Film Market (AFM)! Here’s a link to the trailer.

Booked and shot another commercial, this one a joint collaboration between Postmates and Callen Liquid Death Mountain Water called Vegan Cannibal Steakhouse.

Friday Night Delight is partly finished and will be completed as a feature summer of 2022.

Completed voice over gig, reading assorted Landlady characters, in Ayn Rand’s “We the Living,” for Martin Garrison of www.Bymouth.org and was in a commercial shoot for Houston’s KelseyCare Advantage, for TV in the Houston area.

Rainbow Door screened in Cannes at The Riveria theatre.

Supporting role in Casa Resorts, a feature film, directed by GeorgeAnn Landreth in June. July brought me print work in a project for Accelerated Care Plus.

Other recent projects include : A strong supporting role in Chasing Oslo shot. Did narration for The Fastest Little Race Car, an animated short film now in post; two gigs as narrator for two new radio plays; a print shoot for CVS; a commercial shoot for Giddy; a lead role in Caretakers, a short film in post production; a supporting role in Rainbow Door, a feature film that has just received a contract for distribution; a VO for Mom in Thanatos, a short film that can be seen online; and a VO for The Old Russian Lady in This is Azealia, an animated feature film in post production.