JUDY MCMILLAN: Actor and Voice Over Artist

Here in south central Texas, they call me Dame Judy, though I was raised in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.A, and my native language is American English. My neutral speaking voice has been described as mature, rich, melodic, warm, and cultured, but because of my extensive training and experience as an actress I am capable of all kinds of variations including use of diverse accents and the creation of characters via my voice.

I’m a quick study and master new accents quickly, but those I currently excel at and have in my bag of tricks, in addition to mid Atlantic, are: Southern, Texan, British, Russian, and Irish, to name a few, and my voice quality is middle aged through senior.

Special Skills include creating Characters including Cartoon, Animation, and Video Games, Movie Trailers, E-learning, Commercials, Film, Radio, and Television.

My home studio consists of a soundproof booth, MacBook Pro, AKG P220 mic, and GarageBand DAW. My turnaround time is quick; within 24 hours and sooner if need be, so let me know what you need and let me tell your story!

Recent projects include: Mom in Thanatos (a short film); The Old Russian Lady in This is Azealia (an animated feature film); and VO for Rosenberg Indoor Comfort (TV).