–“I’m really happy with the quality you’re bringing to this project! You knocked it out of the park…  Cary Nelson,  Writer/Director/Animator, The Fastest Little Race Car (an animated short film)

–“Judy was one of the main actors in the ensemble, which feature both real-life and fictional gay couples. Although she was in the latter group, her chemistry with her scene partner was indistinguishable from the former ones. A lot of whatshe had to do were improvised, and I was particularly struck by her instincts andgestures. They were graceful and heartfelt, exactly the qualities we were looking for. Judy is also gifted with an inviting camera presence and a warming voice quality. Which is hardly surprising because that also extends to her demeanor off-camera: she’s a joy to be around, and a diligent and professional collaborator…” Yen Tan, Director, Until We Could (a short film)

–“Great range…I was really impressed…” Drew Mayer-Oakes, Writer/Director, The Opening (a radio play)

–“Judy – You are going to be FANTASTIC!  Everything you did in your taped and live auditions was perfect.  Cannot wait to see you bring Marla to life!” “You are wonderful.” David Wally, Writer/Director, WestWorld Activation at SxSW (SxSWestworld) 2018


“Your work in AIT really is amazing! …The scene when the army guy comes to your house was heart breaking!” Holt Boggs, fellow actor in An American in Texas

“I have had the pleasure of working with Judy on several short film projects and with every project, Judy is the consummate professional.  Judy brings a level of professionalism and on-set etiquette that is only matched by her experience and talent as a professional actress.  I look at Judy and I always see someone that respects her craft.   Whether it was her portrayal of a feisty Alzheimer’s patient or her portrayal of a lesbian breast cancer survivor, Judy brought tenacity to her roles. Not only does she bring a mental and physical preparedness to her characters, she is very open and generous with her fellow cast members, which has made her a favorite within the Texas filmmaking community.  It is with utmost pleasure that I recommend Judy McMillan for your film opportunity….”  Cedric Thomas Smith, Writer/producer, Nana’s Brunch, The Interval, Symphony of Silence (short films)