My Epic 2018, part 2, with Fallout 76 in LA!

After the incredibly exciting Activation for HBO’s SxSWestWorld, I heard once again from David Wally. David is the writer, director, and generally brilliant creative, who with his team from MyCoToo and in partnership with the Giant Spoon Agency and HBO was responsible for making the WestWorld Interactive Experience uh-mazing.

So David asked me to check my schedule for June, as he had a role he thought I’d be great for happening in LA. I happily signed the NDA and waited patiently for information. Soon I was busy again, working with David and the cast he assembled from LA, Texas, and New York to create an activation for Bethedsa Gaming’s Fallout 76 rollout, to be presented at LA’s E3 Convention, where all the gamers assemble annually to see what’s new with their favorites.

The lines stretched around the LA Convention Center as people waited for hours to enter into an activation of Bethesda’s game with us, experience Reclamation Day, and emerge from the Fallout Vault they’d been in for 25 years (or so we told them). Their assignment was to party hearty while determining just how SPECIAL they were, and mine was to work for a week with some of the best in the biz making that experience real. Check out some of the photos in my gallery to get a sense of what it was like, but in addition to our great acting skills and the fun interactive experience, the Todd Howard and Nuka Cola were also huge draws. 🙂

For those gamers who are kicking themselves about missing this, here’s a video of Todd Howard’s presentation at the convention in 2018: