Height: 5’2”      Weight: 119 lbs                                                                                   

FILM  (Representative)

Rainbow Door Supporting Trent Moran

Chef Lead Daniel Egnal

An American in Texas      Supporting              Film Exch/ Anthony Pedone

Until We Could                   Principal                  Yen Tan/ David Lowery

Round of Your Life            Supporting               Aristar/ Dylan Thomas Ellis

Now Hiring                         Supporting              Mark Cantu

The Visit ***                       Lead                           Tory Christopher/R. Bengston

HOA Havoc                         Supporting                Raul Carrera & John Quest

The Message                        Supporting                Red Sky Films/ Nate Southard

Dave                                      Supporting                Lauren Pruitt

Promise Me ***                  Supporting                 Kevin Machate  

Our Father                           Supporting                Ernesto Rivas

VOSOT                                   Supporting             Brett Mauser

The Interval                        Supporting Brandon Santiago

Symphony of Silence       Supporting              Cedric Thomas Smith

Dream Healing                   Supporting              Dora Pena

Nana’s Brunch                     Supporting              Brandon Santiago

Arose the Coward ***         Supporting              Machina Cinema/ B. Calvo

Mal Ojo               Supporting               C. Sersen/ C. Wibbelsman

No More Running              Supporting              Have Not Films/E. Bernard


The Secret Lives of Wives      Co-Star                      Warner Horizon

THEATRE (Representivative) 

WestWorld SxSW  Activation   Marla Haskin          HBO/ Dir. David Wally

Fallout 76 Activation                  Gladys Wilson         Bethesda Gaming/ Wally

Luxury House Activation          Laura C. Walters  Amex/Giant Spoon/ Wally

The Happiest Creature              Multiple   Morgan’s Wonderland

Our Town                                     Mrs. Gibbs                SALT/ A. S. Ross

Rashomon                                   Mother                        Mall Theatre, DC

Only an Orphan Girl                 Ma Perkins                 WC Bailey/Rockerville SD

Crisis at Hill City                        Mrs. Asterbilt              Jack Canon/Rockerville

The Farce of Pierre Patelin      Guillemette Patelin     Hofstra University

The Beggar’s Opera                    Mrs. Peachum             Hofstra University


List available upon request

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: BA Speech and Theatre Arts, CSU; Hofstra University, Theatre Arts Performance Major, 3+ years; Carol Hickey Studio, Tracy Middendorf and John Williams; Step Rowe, Keene Studio; Barbara & Karen Divisek and Ray Bengston; Tony Sears; Donise Hardy; Sally Allen; Toni Cobb Brock; Paul Tinder; Marco Perella; Gary Chason; Mona Lee; CK McFarland

***AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS: Nominated Best Actress, Skyline International Film Festival 2016, Promise Me; Nominated Best Actor/Actress, SA 48 Hour Film Project 2015, The Visit;  Won Best Actor/Actress in a Short Film, New Mexico Fright Fest, 2013, Arose the Coward    

SPECIAL SKILLS:Improvisation; Green Screen; Telepromptor; Dialects; Dancing; Gun Handling; Falls; Yoga